Daily Struggles

How many of you struggle each and every day. I am not talking about major struggles like money or finding a job, but struggling with things that most people do not even think about i.e. washing your hands, getting into bed, or even closing a door. My name is Ryan and I have had OCD since the age of 5 and have struggled with these minuscule things to this day. Every day I wake up and try to get through the day with doing as little OCD as possible, but somewhere down the line I know I am going to do something that turns into another ritual which turns into another, even though in my head I know what I am thinking is not real that does not matter. I know there are so may people out there that feel the way I do, and some of you are either taking medicine or going to therapy, but there are so may people who are not doing anything whether you are embarrassed or scared, it doesn’t matter. I want this blog to be open for everyone to communicate and for everyone to be able to help each other out and show that you are not alone that we can get through this.

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