That feeling

You are starting your OCD and before you start your rituals, you try to stop it. You hold off 30 seconds and you start getting an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. You hold off 60 seconds and that feeling gets worse. You are at 90 seconds and that feeling is unbearable, until you have to do your ritual to get rid of that feeling.

How many times has that happened. I know for me every time I want to not do my ritual, like open and close the door or get in or out of my car, that feeling has forced me to do that ritual. In my head I know I don’t have to do the ritual and know its silly, but that feeling of anxiety and sickness makes me complete my OCD so I do not have to have that feeling in my stomach. I feel that is worse sometimes than what goes on inside of my head. How do I get past that feeling, I try my deep breathing exercise and that usually does not work, but I know there has to be a way to if not stop it control it.

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