The Alarm Clock

I was recently given some advice on my blog that I need to give a more personal experience and dive deeper into an OCD situation. So with that said…. Every night I set my alarm clock and every night Im not sure if its going to be easy or a whole event. All I have to do is switch a lever to on while holding the time that I want it to be set at. Easier said than done. If I have have a negative thought in my head (which if you have OCD you know happens about 95% of the time) I have to redo it over and over again, and the more you do it the worse it gets before it gets better. Well 2 nights ago it was time to go to bed. I go to my alarm clock to set it and luckily it was a good night and I switched it to on and was able to get into bed. About 30 minutes in, I am watching tv and realize my clock is 20 minutes slow. Now if it was fast that wouldn’t be a problem, I would just wake up early and press the snooze button, but it being late is an issue. So I started changing the time. The way you change the time on my clock is you can’t go up or down, you can only go up. So I wanted to switch it from 8:20 am to 8:00 am. So I went all around the clock to get to 8 and the closer I get to the time I want, the higher my anxiety goes up and the more my mind starts racing, so I went pass the 8 and had to go all the way around which is fine if it happens 1 or 2 times. I had to do it 20 times. Then I had to turn the button to on while holding the time and by this point my OCD is going wild, so I had to turn it on and off 60 times. I started at 11pm and didn’t finish messing with my clock until 11:30. Now I have to lay in bed with the worst headache in the world and stressed out all because of one of my rituals. This mite happen about 3-4 times a week This is one of rituals please share something you do and maybe we do same thing and can help each other out with some solutions.

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