The Knowing VS The Unknown

I hear all the time about the Unknown and how scary it is i.e will I get this job, will the girl call me back, or even how will I die. The Unknown is very scary yes, but in my experiences especially for people with OCD, the Knowing is WAY WORSE.

Imaging knowing that whenever you do something you know you are going to have to repeat it over and over again and a ritual will occur. I know that whenever I set my alarm clock I am going to have to set it and reset it over and over again. So now instead of looking forward to going to bed, I know I am going to take time doing a stressful ritual. Even if I am calm and not thinking of anything negative the fact that I know I usually do some sort of ritual, makes me do that ritual.

Going through a day knowing that you are going to have to do something that stresses you out and cause anxiety to me is much worse that Not Knowing something. At least if you do not know something then you can not control it and you are not thinking about it as much. When you know something it consumes you, how you go about your day, how you feel, how you act, everything. Yes The Unknown is scary, but isn’t that what makes life interesting, The Knowing, well to me that makes life boring and stressful.

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