Trigger Words

Are you ever just sitting or hanging around a group of people and everything is going fine? No OCD thoughts just relaxing enjoying the moment. THEN BAM someone says one word and it triggers something in your brain and you can’t stop obsessing. Well that happened to me last night.

It was at the end of my bbq after everyone left. Me and my gf are sitting on the couch about to go into bed and she asks did you turn off the grill? Now don’t get me wrong that is such a reasonable question, and even though in my head I knew I did it sent my mind racing with questions. “Did I turn off the grill”, then I had to picture in my head turning off the grill like replaying it in my mind, and of course as I am doing that negative thoughts go through my head so now I have to keep replaying that in my head. Then I go into a million questions what can happen if I didn’t turn off the grill. Now mind you I know in my head I turned off the grill but as you know with OCD sometimes that does not matter. So what turned into such an easy reasonable question made my OCD act up for a solid hour. I know some of you are probable saying why couldn’t I just go down and check to make sure. Well if I did that then that turns into other rituals i.e. locking and unlocking doors and few others, so I had to suffer through this episode to go to bed.

How many times has this happened to you, where you are just sitting there and then all the sudden boom your OCD take over?

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