Are you ever having a conversation and they say or do something not nice to you that causes your compulsive behaviors to go crazy?

Obviously there is the serious situations where someone threatens you, of course that would make any person’s OCD come out. But this is about the not so serious i.e. a co-worker says you can work harder. Now this isn’t your boss or even someone above you, it is just a nasty co-worker who likes to put other people down. But as soon as this is said your mind goes crazy thinking things like could I be working harder, does my boss not think I am working hard enough, what have I done for this person to say this, and then your spend basically your whole day trying to picture in your mind what this person said and how they said it, if they were being serious or trying to picture different situations of what could make this occur. Even though in your head you know this person is just not a nice person and you know its silly, but that does not matter because if you don’t do your OCD habits then what they said will come true.

It can even happen from a random person bumping into you by mistake or even if someone says a comment like the one above but trying to help you and mean it in a positive way, but in your head that is not possible and the most negative possibilities come about.

Now why does this happen. I know I do good work and I know that the person didn’t mean to bump into me, but why do I go into this state of anxiety having to over think it and talk about it to people. Does OCD cause insecurity or consent approval?

Does this happen to you and in what situation?

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