Do we do our OCD just because?

I was coming home from work yesterday not really thinking about much. I walked through my first door and locked it behind me with no compulsion then I am about to lock the 2nd door behind me and all the sudden I start just locking and unlocking. I didn’t know why I was doing this, I was clear of mind and had no negative thoughts in my brain, but I kept doing it until I started having negative thoughts, then those negative thoughts went away. Then I started thinking do we just do our OCD sometimes subconsciously just to do it?

How often do we do certain OCD rituals during the day. And then how many time do we do that same ritual in a week, in a month? Can it get to the point where even if you don’t have to do it, it is just so natural that you just do it anyway? How often do we do our OCD habits without even thinking about it? I believe it becomes so natural that we just do it to do it sometimes. Over the next week maybe we can really try to point out when we are doing a ritual because we really have to or we are just doing it do it?

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