OCD and Age

When I was younger in my early teens when my OCD was at its worst, I always wondered what my OCD would be like when I got older. Would I just grow out of? Would it at least be better, or would I be doing the same compulsions in my 20’s that I did in teens. Well I still have OCD, it is just different.

I still do some of the same tendencies i.e. checking behind the door, locking and unlocking. Where it is different is as I am doing it I am thinking more about what I am doing and why this is happening. Sometimes I can control it and sometimes I can not, but I am giving myself a chance to think about what I am doing.

On the other hand other things have gotten worse. As you get older you have more responsibilities and more to care about. When I was younger I do not remember having Anxiety. As I have gotten older my Anxiety has increased dramatically to the point where it is worse than my OCD. I feel that pressure and pain in my chest that I never had before and I feel my mind going a million miles a minute thinking about what I am doing and what the consequences are which then makes my Anxiety even worse.

With age comes a different kind of compulsion, it is like my OCD had matured, just not for the better. I struggle with Anxiety each and every day, but just like when I was a kid I can not just do something to do it I must work at it and try to fix the problem. Has anyone else’s OCD habits or compulsions changed with age?

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