The Cycle

Have you ever been going about your day and something small and insignificant triggers a OCD thought. Now it’s not an awful one, so you think to yourself ok I will just do a quick thought or compulsion to get this out of my head. But what goes from a quick little episode turns into a major one. Well this happens to me all the time and unfortunately it happened last night.

I am sitting in a car and I thought of something which caused something in my brain to keep rethinking about and obsessing over it. Now if I stopped right away I know it would have gone away, but I didn’t. It started out small and the more I did it the worse it got. So what turned out to be such a small thing lasted about 60 minutes.

Once this cycle starts of starting the OCD habit and then the little thought in brain that was once small gets bigger and bigger and bigger until it’s a full-blown OCD episode. There needs to be a way we can break this episode. Where it just keeps going and going like you are on a ferris wheel. Since it is just a little thought what can we do to try to stop it? Try to do a breathing exercise, or get up walk around and do not stay in the same spot in which this thought occurred

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