Whats worse the mental or physical part of OCD

With a OCD occurrence multiple things happen, but 2 important things take place. You have physical pain or compulsions and then you have the mental pain or compulsion. During the physical, you can do things such as washing your hands over and over again, or opening and closing doors. This can get very exhausting and can cause pain in your body. Then there is the mental aspect of a OCD occurrence. This is not only the headaches, but the mind games in which OCD plays. You have negative and painful thoughts going through your mind as well as you are fighting your mind not to do the ritual but then your mind forces you to do it. You might not be able to compare the 2 but what is worse to you?

In my mind what is worse is the mental aspect. The more my rituals come out the worse my headaches get. Not only that but the thoughts that go through my mind, even if I am not washing my hands or opening and closing doors the battle that goes through my brain is all day, trying to remind myself that I do not have to do a compulsion. Where is your view-point on all of this?

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