Des what we eat relate with our OCD

Imagine you work a long stressful day, it is 9 pm and you finally get home and of course starving. You don’t want to take the time to cook something so you get fast-food and wolf it down. What does doing something this really do to your body?

Eating these food anytime but especially while you are already stressed can cause a chemical reaction which causes your anxiety level and depression to increase which elevates your OCD. It may taste and feel good at the time but long term effects that you are doing to your body is much worse that putting on extra ponds.

Eating healthy maintains healthy levels in your body which in turn will cause a healthy emotional/mental life. Of course once in awhile it is ok to indulge yourself, but do so when your mood is up.

Have you ever noticed this how your mood is when you are eating unhealthy to how your mood is when you are living healthy life style?

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