Fitness and Mental Health

If you have been following my blog over the past year you know I am a big proponent for fitness and mental health. How it has helped me with my OCD and my Anxiety. When ever I get into that gym I have a feeling of calm rush over me. Now I also feel and there has been studies to prove that it also works with individuals with other mental disabilities such as Autism, Add, ADHD, and many others. What about individuals who have weight issues?

Now i know what you must be thinking. OF COURSE people with weight issues would benefit from the gym. I am not talking about your average person who was skinny at one point then had a family or started working and as time went by kept gaining weight, but can at any point turn on a switch and get right back to they gym. I am talking about the individuals who as a kid had trouble with their weight for whatever reason (family genes, bullied…) and over time it got worse and worse which cause emotional and mental damage. Scared to go to the beach, or scared to try to go to the gym. There is a big population of people out there who struggle every day. Is this something that should be tied in with other mental diseases such as OCD which on the surface does not seem the same, but as you dig do we have the emotional issues i.e. scared, stressed, anxiety…

Please share your thoughts on this. Am I totally off base or do you feel that they interlace in some way?

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