The YO-YO Effect

Remember being a kid and playing with your yo-yo, watching it go up and down being able to different tricks like walk the dog or around the world and how great that felt. But sometimes it was like you couldn’t do anything right with that yo-yo it kept on getting tangled, well relate that to your OCD.

Dealing with OCD is like a YO-YO, you go up and down with it, sometimes you can control it and sometimes you can not. On Monday of this week, I was having a great day. I was in control of my OCD and my Anxiety was extremely low. I was feeling very positive. I wake up the next day and all of a sudden I was back to my old ways of different compulsions acting up and my anxiety was in full effect.

Now in my head I am asking why did this happen, if I was doing well one day why couldn’t I continue that. Did I get into my head and almost psych myself out. “HOW COULD I GO A WHOLE DAY WITHOUT DOING MY OCD” I would say to myself.

Or just maybe its the effect of the yo-yo. Some days are good and some days are not, but we just have to focus on the good days and remember it is possible to go without your OCD.

Does this ever happen to you?

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