Whats Worse

To everyone who has OCD or Anxiety we know of 2 things. 1 the fear of what compulsions we will do that day. And 2 doing the actual compulsion itself. But what is actually worse, having to do the compulsion or the fear of wondering what compulsion will you do that day?

On the one hand doing the compulsion already, you know what is being done and can work on stopping it immediately. On the other side having a compulsion takes up your time, energy and sometimes it can not be stopped depending on the day.

Then not doing any compulsion but wondering when will one take place. On one hand your not doing a compulsion so you are fighting that urge. Then on the flip side you worrying about what you will do takes up a whole day in itself. Your anxiety goes up and worrying about a compulsion in itself is a OCD tendency itself. It consumes your mind and can not focus on anything but the WHAT IF.

Both sound and are pretty awful, but what is your take on it and which would you rather have to do?

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