Yoga or Meditation

I hear the comparison of yoga and meditation and the similarities that they hold, the benefits of both and how each can help sustain a healthy peaceful life. But how does one differ from the other?

Yoga is great, but if you have ever done yoga and by yoga I mean the “new age” Yoga. People are doing it to loose weight and tone up their body which is all well and good, but what is more important is our mind.

With mediation all you should be doing is concentrating on your mind and letting everything toxic that is consuming your body go. So if a compulsion comes out or if your anxiety starts acting up doing mediation mite be the way to go to help control and decrease your Anxiety and OCD.

Now if you can focus on your mind doing Yoga as well as your body then I encourage that as well. Whichever works for it does not matter just work on controlling it and now letting it control you.

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