Rough Patches

I am sure everyone has heard the term “you are going to have good days and bad days” This saying also relates to all of us with OCD/Anxiety. There are days you going to cruise through with no rituals or negative thoughts. It almost seems as if your OCD is gone. Then there are going to be those bad days,where no matter what is going on, everything you are doing entails OCD and your Anxiety. Then come the ROUGH PATCHES!!!

These are the days yes plural where your whole day is consumed with OCD. Where you can’t go an hour w/o having some type of OCD or Anxiety attack come up. These are the days that you feel helpless and at the point where you just want to give up. These are the days that your true colors and strength come out. Its at these times that you focus on the positive, remember to breath and know that you will get through this. Your are not alone, and everyone has these days.

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