Why talking can set you on the right path

So many people who suffer from metal disabilities such as OCD, Anxiety, and Depression are so afraid to talk about what they are going through. Whether it is negative thoughts, washing your hands to the point of bleeding, suicidal thoughts or extreme anxiety to point of not being able to breathe, all of these symptoms millions of people go through on a daily basis, but very few feel comfortable discussing these symptoms.

Being able to open up and talk about what you are going through with others is the first step to the road of getting and feeling better. On the flip side holding it in and trying to hide your feelings and thoughts can do more damage then you realize. The more you hold in your anxiety and stress, the more your chest feels like it is closing in, or the more you feel alone and your suicidal thoughts act out. Having the feeling that you are the only one going through what you are going through is a feeling I and millions of others know to well. There is a silver lining though, having that first conversation with someone and then finding out that they have the same feelings as you, or know someone who is going through the same things you are can spark an amazing journey. The first time you feel you are not alone is one of the best feelings in the world and it only gets better. By going to support groups, therapists, discussing with family or friends, these are the things that can help you get through all of it. It wont cure it, but it will help and make each day better and more manageable.

Start a conversation today if its with a friend, a support group or even on a message board, just start the process and see how talking can improve your life.

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