You are not alone!

As someone who grew up with OCD/Anxiety, I can tell you from experience that it gets pretty lonely. You feel as if you are the only one going through it. From the obsessive thoughts that take hours to get rid of, to the uncontrollable hand washing that makes your hands bleed, we feel as if what we are doing is wrong and that we are the only ones doing it. So you don’t talk about it and you feel ashamed to share it…

Well GREAT NEWS! You are not alone. You are not the only person having those thoughts or washing your hands to the point of bleeding. For every thought you have, there is someone else out there who had a very similar thought who is probably feeling the same way you are. If we can get out of our own heads and discuss what is really going on, then maybe someone else who feels the same way you do will open up and so on.

This is a real disability with real problems that effect a lot of peoples’ lives. Not just from taking time out of their day, but not allowing someone to go to work, school, or even hang out with friends and enjoy life. You can get through this, you can improve and you don’t have to feel you are alone. WE ARE A COMMUNITY!

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