Why changing your way of thinking is so important

Over the course of our life we develop different habits such as showering, the way we walk, the way we talk and so on. Over the course of our early childhood to adulthood years we have these things so engrained in our brains that we don’t even think about, how to walk or talk we just do it. Well the same goes for the way we think.

Throughout the years we develop a certain way of thinking, happiness,sadness and so on. During different situations the way we think promotes the happy thoughts and the sad thoughts. For those of us who have Anxiety, OCD, Depression the way we think is a little different. If we obsess and have negative thoughts over washing our hands or speaking with someone or anything for the matter then that thought will carry on and our brain is trained in such a way. When we change the negative thinking about washing our hands or speaking with someone to being more positive, this is when we will see the differences in our thinking and our mood.

This isn’t a quick fix unfortunately. You have spent years training your mind a certain and those negative thoughts don’t just go away over night. But it is possible and the more you do it and more consistency you have the better and easier it will get.



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