What Do I Do?

One of the scariest moments for a parent is knowing that something is wrong or hurting your child. As someone who is only a month away from being a father, I can only imagine. Seeing your child struggle with different ticks or is washing their hands until they bleed and not knowing what to do or where to go is just as difficult. I have parents come up to me all the time saying I know something is going on with my child but I don’t know what to do or where to go. The fear is that you will have to put your child on medication or can you trust someone to look after your child and to put them on the right path to a better life? There are resources and lots of answers out there.

One thing I always tell my clients who see other doctors is to do your research on what they say. Just because a doctor says a certain type of medication is the only way to help does not mean they are correct. As someone who has been put on countless different medications, I know there is not just 1 “magic pill” that will get rid of the OCD. If a doctor tells you to take a certain medication, make sure you do as much research about that specific medication. What are the side effects, can this cause something else such as depression or anxiety, and what else should I be doing while on such a medication? These 3 simple questions are so important that can be found out just by typing the medication name into google.

Also knowing you are not alone. There are other parents that are going through the same thing that you are with your child. Joining a support group is extremely important, or if there is not one around you finding a support person you can talk to so you don’t let everything build up inside. You can check iocdf.com for a local support group in your area as well as other really interesting resources to help you get started.

Finding out your child has OCD can be very difficult to deal with at first but know it does not mean they can not have a normal life and know you are not alone.

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