Fitness and Mental Health

When a child gets diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, we as parents more than not, go straight to what medication does my child need to be on. Now I am not saying that no one should ever take medication and that it does not have a purpose, but there needs to be more education on what else can be done besides medication.

As someone who grew up with OCD, and Anxiety and who was put on countless mediations I understand the effects that this can have. As I got older I learned that medication alone can not do the job as well as if it is paired off with something else. For me that was fitness. Being able to join a 24-hour gym and go to such gym at any time when an OCD episode came on or my anxiety was getting out of control and to be able to see the difference in how much those things decreased when I was working out.

I understand joining a 24-hour gym is not possible for everyone and for a 7-year-old, you’re not going to take your child to a gym like that, but there are ways around that. There are thousands of workouts and exercises you can do by yourself or with your child/family member. I spent an hour -2 hours in the gym, but doing 20-30 minutes of exercise you will start to see a big improvement as well.

We spend so many years training our brains to give in to our OCD, Anxiety, Depression and it takes time and hard work to retrain our brains but once you start seeing the difference, the hard work and time make it all worth it.

Please stay tuned for my workouts  I used that hopefully will help you and your families as well.

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