Life lesson from Mr.Miyagi on Breathing

 “When you feel life is out of focus, always return to the basis of life…breathing.“ – Mr. Miyagi

This quote taken from the Karate Kid 2 back in 1986 almost 32 years ago was truly ahead of its time. As someone who still deals with Anxiety and how it can play tricks on your mind to make you think that your life is out of control and unmanageable, but in reality, we just need to return to the basics of life, which as Mr. Miyagi put so beautifully is BREATHING!
As the holiday’s approach and life throw’s all of its twists and turns at me I sometimes find myself this time of year so incredibly stressed and anxious. Always thinking the worst possible thing could happen that I miss out on all the good that is actually happening right in front of my eyes. I sometimes find myself gasping for air. It is in this moment I need to remember to just breathe, to know that everything will be ok and despite what life throws at me I can handle it.
 The more we accept all the anxious thoughts and not try to ignore it, but welcome it, confront it, and challenge it in a positive way the more likely you see them diminish. Just know that you can conquer these thoughts and feelings and even on those days you don’t feel you can, the least you can do is BREATH.

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